NARA Decoy List

If you feel your information is incorrect or missing, please contact the Director of Decoys

Level Name Certification Expires Club Certified By Phone Email
III Krueger, Andy 2020-10-24 Cincinnati Ring Sport Club Touy 513-335-5161
III Steinkohl, Andrew 2019-10-23 Phoenix Rising Ringers Secretain 480-253-1083
II Allanson, Ben 2018-10-26 Top Performance Ring Club Beyer 315-569-3657
II Gannon, Justin 2020-11-11 Phoenix Rising Ringers Agremont 602-628-5420
II Hunter, Chad 2018-02-14 Copper State Ring Club Touy 480-612-5027
II McCleary, Joshua 2018-11-08 Puget Sound Dog Sports Piton 801-573-1121
II Nieuwkoop, Matthew 2018-11-14 Puget sound dog sports Piton 616-308-6379
II Nieves, Sergio 2018-08-31 Caribbean dog sports club Piton 787-747-9283
II Preud'homme, Jean Luc 2020-10-31 Extreme Ring Dogs Villain 714-478-7166
II Warner, Scott 2019-09-06 St. Rochs Maples 925-457-7789
II White, Simon 2019-01-10 Apache Ring Club Bonilla 817-371-8797
I Amengual, Desi 2018-08-15 Spirit working dog club Hubert 772-579-1380
I Dunmore, Scott 2017-10-04 Renaissance ring club Thingvall. 617-892-5042
I Fleishman, Ari 2017-07-19 Chi Town Ringers Reguer 312-719-9459
I Freeman, Kellen 2020-05-22 L'Equipe Karcenty 203-536-5112
I Holcomb, Anthony 2018-06-14 Phoenix Rising Ringers Hubert 520-390-4487
I Jospeh, Cinnante 2021-02-08 Pacific Sport Canine Touy 305-370-9984
I Maciej, Ryan 2021-02-08 Copper State Ring Club Touy 320-292-9872
I Morales, Guillermo 2020-06-18 Wicked Smart Ring Club Bonilla 781-426-6660
I Mueller, Jeffrey 2019-07-18 Puget Sound Dog Sports Maples 360-509-4315
I Osorio, Arturo de la Rosa 2018-08-31 Caribbean Dog Sport Club Valladon 939-639-7824
I Robinson, Julie 2018-09-03 Hollywood Ring Sports Poirer 818-434-8998
I Schaffer, Chase 2017-09-13 BAMF Ring Sport Bonilla 801-857-5808
I Taik, Kim 2018-06-21 SCABR Bonilla 310-913-0142

Level Name Certification Expires Club Certified By Phone Email
II Mendez, Adrian 2018-12-18 Bay Area Ring Club Bonilla 707-631-6072
I Armendariz, Manuel 2018-06-21 SCABR Bonilla 909-524-2514
I Bowman, Spencer 2017-03-17 Prestige Ringsport Touy 425-344-0372
I Brandyberry, Jake 2016-08-10 Middletown ringsport club Nieuwkoop 513-280-3305
I Guay, Kraig 2019-09-06 Maples 310-877-4552




Inactive decoys:
If you are listed as an inactive decoy, it could be for one of the following reasons:
You need to update your club affiliation
You need to renew your NARA membership
You need to freshen the decoy files. In order to freshen the decoy files this year, you must submit a full size photocopy of each page of your decoy book. The copies of decoy book pages serve as NARA's central decoy files, as well as insurance in the case of a lost book.  Until a new file is created for you, you will not be authorized to officiate in a trial. 

Remember, you must be also member of a recognized NARA Club in order to remain active as a decoy.

Please send the copies of your decoy book to the Director of Decoys

International Decoy Lists

Mexican Decoys
Please contact the NARA Liaison to Mexico for assistance in making arrangements for a Mexican decoy.
Pablo Ortiz, L3
Darshan Herran, L3
Misael Mercado, L3
Manuel Montero, L3
Juan Avila, L2
Noe Olvera, L2
Manuel Guevara, L2
Federico Melo, L2
Jorge Garrido, L2
Fernando Jimenez Z, L2
Alvero Olvera, L2
Ivan Granados, L2
Oscar Kelly, L2
Cristheon Carreon, L2
Oscar Martinez, L2
Kevin Lee, L2
Daniel Lybbert, L2


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