Hosting a NARA Sanctioned Trial

Trials are the "meat" of our organization, and we want to thank everyone that organizes a trial each year!
We are here to help you, and want to do what we can to assist you in putting on a successful trial. 

Below is some information that you should review if this is your first trial.  Don't be overwhelmed!  If you have any questions, contact your zone rep or any NARA Board member for assistance.  The majority of our Board Members have put on multiple trials and are happy to assist.

Beginner or experienced, you can get started by completing this form on line
Submitting it will get your trial on the schedule. 
If you are missing information, you can pub TBD (Judge and one Decoy required).
Prior to approval (including submittal and verification of all information), all trials will be posted as "pending approval"

Find a Judge    Find a Decoy    Application for a Trial

All NARA trials must be authorized by NARA. For more information on hosting trials read the Policies regarding hosting events:
Policy 500:  Trials must be sanctioned by NARA
Policy 510:  Hosting a Regional Championship Trial
Policy 520:  Hosting of the NARA Championships
Policy 530:  Hosting the Coupe Intercontinentale

To host a NARA Trial:

  • Review sample budget to estimate cost of trial
  • Complete the Trial Application and return to NARA Secretary for trial approval
    • NARA Secretary will obtain approval for judges and decoys
  • Review the trial checklist to ensure you are prepared for the trial
  • The Hosting Club(s) request their choice of Decoys and Judge; these choices are determined by availability and eligibility of the individuals. NARA does not select them for the Club, but will provide every assistance if requested to do so by the Hosting Club(s).


  • The NARA Secretary will confirm:

     - the  Availability/Eligibility of Judges and Decoys from other countries (i.e. Canada, France, Mexico).

     - the Eligibility Status of the Domestic Decoys through the Director of Decoys.

     - certification dates for expiration and verify the decoys' membership status with the Treasurer.

  • The Hosting Club must request an appropriate number of Decoy Assessment forms (one for each decoy participating in the trial).

  • The Hosting Club must request an appropriate number of Scoresheets needed for each level, Brevet Certificates and Trial Report Forms, (one for each 12 dogs in the trial), or use NARA approved electronic scoresheets, which can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of the page.

  • Trial records must be sent to the NARA Secretary within 14 days after the trial (including ALL UN-USED FORMS), or the trial results will not be official.

  • If the Trial Forms are not received and verified by the Secretary within 30 days of the conclusion of the trial, the Hosting Club shall forfeit its Affiliate Status (if applicable).

    Electronic forms to Download:

  • Electronic Scoresheets NOTE: Some versions of IE try to download this file as a .zip, just change the extension to .xlsx when you save the file.

  • Decoy assessment  Form

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