NARA Scorebook Application
The Regular Scorebook application is for all registered purebred female dogs and registered purebred male dogs with two descended testicles of normal appearance.
The Blue Dog Scorebook application is for all unregistered dogs and/or for purebred, registered male dogs that do not have two descended testicles of normal appearance.

Scorebook Type:

If your dog already has a scorebook from a NARA-recognized organization, scores from NARA trials will be entered into that existing scorebook. You may not obtain a NARA scorebook if another exists for that dog from a NARA-recognized organization. All applications require a signature. Any application received that is unsigned will not be processed. The scorebook application fee is $15. The fee for a replacement scorebook is $50. Please make check or money order payable to: NORTH AMERICAN RING ASSOCIATION. Fees may be paid via PayPal online but will include a surcharge.

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Member #:
Address, City, State, Zip:
Primary Phone:
Alternate Phone:
E-mail Address:
Dog's Registered Name:
Dog's Call Name:
Gender:       Intact/Altered:
Color/ Markings:
Microchip # :
Tattoo # :
Location of Tattoo:
Dog's Date of Birth: (2012-01-30 format)
Registration # :
Type of Registry (if applicable):
Other Registry:
IMPORTANT! Please read: Applications require 4-6 weeks for processing! This allows time for processing and delivery. Applications or registration papers that are illegible or incomplete will cause a delay in processing.
If you need expedited processing before this timeframe, please include rush fee and note it here with the date of requested delivery. Rush fee includes expedited shipping.
Note that processing time is from date ALL ITEMS are received, including any supporting documents such as registration paperwork.

Documents are shipped via First Class Mail, which usually arrives at destinations within 10 days of shipping. First class postage is included in the application fee. All documents will be shipped via First Class Mail unless otherwise rush indicated.

Upon receipt of application, fee and required information, you will be sent a numbered NARA Scorebook which is recorded by NARA. Only one scorebook is allowed for each dog during its lifetime, and that scorebook must be transferred with the dog with any change of ownership. If a NARA scorebook is lost or destroyed, it may be replaced by notifying the NARA Treasurer, sending a replacement fee of $50 and providing list of the dog's scores and titles and the dates and locations of the trials at which they were earned.

I have included a current copy of my dog's registration papers.Supporting documentation can be scanned and emailed to
If my name is not on the registration, I have included a transfer of ownership or bill of sale.
If I acquired the dog, I have done a due diligence check to verify that the dog does not have an existing recognized scorebook.
I have included the application fee of $15, or the replacement scorebook fee of $50 and the dog's trial history.
I need it rushed as indicated above and have included the extra fee.
I solemnly swear that the above information I have provided is accurate and true, with no errors, omissions, or misrepresentations.
I swear to conduct myself in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

Print Name: Date:

Electronic Signature: By typing your name above (under print name) and checking this box you are stating you are the person above, and that you have read and agree to all 7 statements on this application, and that all information supplied is accurate to the best of your knowledge:     (THIS BOX MUST BE CHECKED FOR YOUR APPLICATION TO BE ACCEPTED!)

You may want to save a copy of this form for your records before you hit submit.

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